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Clogged dryer vent is a FIRE HAZARD!

Austin Breeze utilizes specials tools and equipment to force air inside your dryer vent, carefully cleaning out your dryer vent systems. Households should schedule yearly dryer vent cleanings to prevent excessive lint build up.

Benefits to Dryer Vent Cleaning: shorter drying times for clothes, increased safety, energy savings, prevention of fires and carbon monoxide buildup, home insurance inspection compliance


Benefits to Air Duct Cleaning

Dryer ductwork is one of the most dangerous areas of your home for fire, but oddly enough one of the most neglected. Having your dryer ducts annually serviced is extremely beneficial for providing you with a safer home. When cleaned regularly, this could also help with keeping your energy bill lower.  When your dryer vent is clogged your dryer is not able to work efficiently. Properly cleaned ducts will prolong the life of your dryer. Austin Breeze inspects your home with an air snake and scorpion brush to remove the thick layer of link that has built up over the years. We work quickly and effectively to ensure the job is completed to the satisfaction of the customer.

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